Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Western Elites Ignore Muslim Anti-Semitism

An enlightening passage from Serge Trifkovic's new book, Defeating Jihad:
The situational morality of the Western elite class demands that no phenomena be judged as such. They don't treat anti-Semitism as a function of objective behavior but in accordance of the place of the actor within the ideological system. In this scheme of things, anti-Semitism--including hard-core Holocaust denial--is unforgivable, except when practiced by a protected group sanctified by its anti-Western otherness.
I've always found this selective-condemnation perplexing and hypocritical, such as when the European Union buried a study of anti-Semitism because the report found that the majority of anti-Semitic incidents were committed by Muslims. It later released a less "inflamatory" version of the study focusing much of the blame on angry white right-wing extremists. Do identical acts of anti-Semitism have less damaging consequences for the victims when they are committed by North African Muslims than by white Neo-Nazis?

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