Thursday, October 26, 2006


South African TV Bans Reporter for being "White, Jewish Girl"

We can think of too many Jews covering Israel who regularly file reports that are unfairly slanted against the Jewish State and in favor of the Palestinians. However, in South Africa, Jewish reporters are apparently seen as advocates for Israel. Or maybe they are faulted for not being unquestionably pro-Palestinian as are the many Palestinian stringers, fixers and translators employed by all the major news organizations. The Jerusalem Post has the story of eight reporters blacklisted by Snuki Zikalala, the head of state-owned South African Broadcasting Corporation. Zikalala has been quoted as saying, "From the movement where I come from we support the PLO... You can't undermine the Palestinian struggle, you can't. For me it's a principle issue." So much for journalistic objectivity.

I bet no action is ever taken against Palestinian stringers and cameramen who coordinate with terrorist groups and file faux news stories.

See Media Backspin for more coverage and commentary on this issue.

Photo: Paula Slier, blacklisted by SABC for being "a white, Jewish girl."

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


It's Not Occupation: The Primary Reason Muslims Attack Jews

In his new book, Defeating Jihad, Serge Trifkovic quotes a revealing admission by the late Saudi King, Ibn Saud, in 1937:
The word of God teaches us, and we believe it, that for a Muslim to kill a Jew, or for him to be killed by a Jew, ensures him immediate entry into Heaven and into the august presence of God Almighty.
This revealing statement from King Saud was made 30 years prior to the entry of any Israeli soldier into the West Bank and Gaza and a decade prior to the establishment of the State of Israel. Of course, the Koranic source of such inspired belief came approximately 1400 years prior to Israeli "occupation." It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad around the time when he was carrying out the genocide of one of Medina's Jewish tribes (there were Jews in Arabia prior to Islam).


Western Elites Ignore Muslim Anti-Semitism

An enlightening passage from Serge Trifkovic's new book, Defeating Jihad:
The situational morality of the Western elite class demands that no phenomena be judged as such. They don't treat anti-Semitism as a function of objective behavior but in accordance of the place of the actor within the ideological system. In this scheme of things, anti-Semitism--including hard-core Holocaust denial--is unforgivable, except when practiced by a protected group sanctified by its anti-Western otherness.
I've always found this selective-condemnation perplexing and hypocritical, such as when the European Union buried a study of anti-Semitism because the report found that the majority of anti-Semitic incidents were committed by Muslims. It later released a less "inflamatory" version of the study focusing much of the blame on angry white right-wing extremists. Do identical acts of anti-Semitism have less damaging consequences for the victims when they are committed by North African Muslims than by white Neo-Nazis?


Recommended Reading: 'Right to Exist'

In Right to Exist: A Moral Defense of Israel's Wars, Yaacov Lozowick examines the difference between Israel and its Arab enemies in the tactics, goals and ethics during times of war. He studies the history of the modern Zionist movement, examines the behaviors on both sides and puts the actions of both Arabs and Jews into the larger context of their religious and political histories.

Mr. Lozowick is a man of the left, a strong supporter of Oslo who once subscribed to the post-Zionist, new-historian view of Israeli history. He is able to turn a critical eye on his own country while casting away many of the illusions that he held prior to the collapse of Oslo--a wakeup call for many now-former members of the Israeli "peace camp."

Ultimately for Mr. Lozowick, the justice of Israel's cause comes down to the difference in killing and murder. When war is thrust upon the Jews, they have had to kill enemy fighters in self-defense. Sometimes, in the process, innocent civilian lives are taken.

The Arabs, on the other hand, make no secret of their desire to murder as many Israeli civilians as possible. Their attacks always target the most vulnerable Jews, those unprepared or able to defend themselves. Prior to the founding of the State of Israel, the Arabs expressed their rage at Zionism not by attacking the Zionists who were armed and able to defend themselves, but by massacring the indigenous Jews whose families had lived among the Arabs in Palestine for generations. It wasn't their politics nor the threat they posed, they were murdered simply because they were Jews. The only reason the Arabs (in relation to Israel) have not gone down in history among the worst purveyors of genocide is that Israel has successfully defended itself.

The author also takes on the "bad faith" of Israel's Western critics and dissects the failures of media coverage of the conflict. The Arab-Israeli conflict is worth studying on its own merits, but it is also important for those in the West to understand the differences between how Judeo-Christian and Muslim societies conduct war and negotiate peace. There is much that Westerners can learn from this outstanding book.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Israel's Survival Depends on Seeing the Enemy without Illusions

I was struck by a line in a piece by Nidra Poller about Condi Rice's speech at the American Task Force for Palestine, posted exclusively on Atlas Shrugs. Diaspora Jews, Israelis and Americans need to see the Palestinians, and their Arab and Muslim allies, for who they are, not who we wish they would be. Ms. Poller calls the Palestinian movement "a force persistently identified as a national liberation movement and consistently acting by the rules of Jihad."

To the extent that there is a Palestinian national movement, it is clearly defined by its grievances, some real and many more imagined, against the Jews and a shared identity that has come together in recent decades in opposition to Israel. What is undeniable is the role that classic jihadi ideology as well as Arab nationalism have played in the collective identity, motivations and actions of the Palestinians. The Palestinians, were they a national liberation movement, would have a positive identity based on issues not relating to the infidel Jews. Only among their Western supporters do we see the strong desire to set up a functional Palestinian state, with a vision of what that state might look like. From the Palestinians, we get plans for the destruction of Israel, incitement to genocide against the Jews and goals enunciated in traditional Islamic and Arab nationalist terms.

The real affront to Palestinians and their Muslim brethren is that the Jews, who previously were living in the Middle East as dhimmis (second class citizens under Islamic rule), dared to liberate themselves and establish a state in their homeland, which the Muslims once ruled and thus consider forever their right to possess--just as they do Spain, parts of Russia, India, etc.). It is also an intolerable situation for Muslims to live under Jewish rule (that is the "humiliation" regardless of Israeli policy), despite the fact that the Israelis govern with far more humanity toward the Palestinians than Jews in Muslim lands ever received, and in fact, give their Arab-Muslim citizens more rights, freedoms and opportunities than do the rulers of the 22 Arab countries.

Despite the fact that the Palestinians have never presented a workable peace plan--not even in response to Israel's generous offer of a Palestinian State in 2000, which a legitimate national liberation movement would have accepted--Ms. Rice continues to lavish praise on Palestinian Americans and devote herself to the cause of a two-state solution for which she seems to have much more enthusiasm than do Palestinians living in the Middle East. Why is this? Because for the Palestinians to formally agree to anything less than all of Israel is to turn their back on the larger (and more important, in their eyes) Muslim goal of having the Islamic rule of the ummah extend throughout the region, uninterrupted by Jewish sovereignty. Thus, the Jihad continues until the Jews are killed or willingly submit to Islamic rule.

Zionism, the national liberation movement of the Jews, has made many compromises along the way, both to achieve an independent state and in various attempts to live in peace with its Arab neighbors. This is why Israel has continually shown a willingness to give up land, including territory upon which it has a stronger legal, moral and historical claim than do the Palestinians and Israel's neighboring Arab countries.

Jews don't need an enemy to know who they are as a people and a nation. They have a language that only they speak, many books that detail their unique history, a land in which only they have had independent nation-states--both 2000 years ago and today--and practice a religion that no other people practice. Their ancestors gave the world the Bible and the concept of ethical monotheism. Today, Jews disproportionately contribute to the fields of science, technology, medicine, philosophy and the arts. All they really want is to be able to live in peace and self-rule in some part of their land.

Now, please tell me what is the Palestinian vision other than to deny Israelis any peace as they ultimately attempt to drive them off that little sliver of land?

Key quote from Ms. Poller:
More broadly, and with great effort to be fair-minded, what have Palestinian Americans contributed to the debate, what have they done to help their countrymen move in the direction of the peace and justice they fervently proclaim? How is their plan different from other plans? What influence do or might they have? What do they condemn, aside from the “occupation, humiliation, persecution, impoverishment”? What do they advocate in the way of goals or strategy other than…the Saudi peace plan?

The abiding impression left by this Inaugural Gala is of a total disconnect from current realities. A “no way to get there from here” peace plan based on Palestinian demands and Israeli concessions, that ignores the dismal record of an ummah determined to destroy Israel and the blatant failure of all and every attempt at negotiation with a force persistently identified as a national liberation movement and consistently acting by the rules of jihad.
You can read Ms. Poller's entire report on the American Task Force on Palestine event at Atlas Shrugs.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Boston Globe's Novel Policy Advice: Peace in Middle East

I guess no one ever thought about negotiating an "end-of-conflict peace accord" between Israel and the Palestinians before. How many times, in how many different languages, do the Palestinians have to say "no" before some people can understand that the "two-state solution" is not their aim? Didn't we try and fail with the Oslo process? How did Tenet, Mitchell, the road map, the quartet, dozens of cease fires, Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and Palestinian elections work out? But when all else fails, maybe we can solve the region's problems by pressuring Israel to make more concessions. Of course if the Boston Globe editors could understand the primary role Islamic jihad ideology has on the conflict, then they might realize the futility of more rounds of talks. As long as Israel exists, it can never give up enough to satisfy its Muslim enemies. Ed Lasky at the American Thinker has more:
Compel Israel into appeasing Palestinians/ Syrians

That’s apparently what the New York Times-owned Boston Globe advises in an editorial today.

The soundest way to resist the spread of Iran’s influence—which worries Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the smaller Gulf states as much as it does Israel—would be for Washington to change the status quo by shepherding Israelis and Palestinians into an end-of-conflict peace accord. Similarly, Tehran’s trouble-making reach could be curtailed, and Lebanon could be saved from having to endure another proxy war on its territory, if US diplomacy were able to guide Israel and Syria into a peace treaty.

I guess they conveniently forgot Ahamdinjad’s desire to wipe Israel off the face of the map. I doubt the Shiite regime in Iran cares that much about the Palestinians except to use them as cannon fodder.Yep..everything will be solved if it wasn’t for those Israelis..sounds eerily familiar.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Carter Crosses the Line: Lays 'Apartheid' Tag on Israel

The 22 Arab states of the Middle East and North Africa are among the world's worst practitioners of religious and gender apartheid. From genocide in the Sudan to the stoning to death of women in Saudi Arabia, from Palestinian suicide attacks on Jewish civilians to the jailing and execution of homosexuals in Egypt, human rights violations are the way of life in these dictatorial and totalitarian Arab countries. In "moderate" Jordan, anyone can become a citizen so long as they aren't Jewish. Even in "democratic" Iraq, citizenship is bestowed on anyone who fled the country during Saddam's reign of terror, so long as they aren't Jewish.

So on whom does America's worst ex-President place the inflammatory "apartheid" tag: Israel, of course. Dhimmi Carter has to know better, despite his new book's title, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. The title was chosen to deliberately draw comparisons to the evil system of legalized racial discrimination in South Africa. It is slanderous. It is grossly inaccurate. And it stigmatizes the Middle Eastern country with the best human rights record. He would never think of characterizing Israel's genocidal Muslim enemies nor totalitarian nations from Cuba to North Korea in terms anywhere near as harsh. No, the friend of America's enemies saves his moral indignation for democratic Israel. Carter goes as far as he can in demonizing Israel, stopping just short of clear anti-Semitism.

The "apartheid" allegation is false. Israeli Arabs have full equality under the law. Within Israel, where more than one million Arabs live, there is freedom of speech, religion and press. Women, ethnic and religious minorities and gays have the same rights as other citizens.

So the "apartheid" claim, like the book's cover photo, focuses on those Palestinians in the "occupied" West Bank, the ones Israel offered an independent state in 2000 on 97 percent of the West Bank, all of Gaza and shared administration of Jerusalem. The Americans and Europeans pledged billions in support for the new state. Yasser Arafat rejected Israel's offer, and without making a counteroffer, launched a terror war against Jewish civilians.

In response, Israel reoccupied parts of the West Bank and Gaza that it had turned over to the Palestinian Authority under the Oslo agreements (under which the Palestinians had agreed to renounce violence, not build bomb factories). Israel set up checkpoints and built a separation barrier in order to prevent Palestinian suicide bombers from murdering Israeli civilians. It was Palestinian violence, not a desire to oppress people that led Israel to impose restrictions on the Palestinians. After leaving Gaza last year, the Palestinians had complete self-rule there. In response, they elected a terrorist government that seeks the elimination of Israel and started launching rockets at Israeli cities. What is the Palestinian peace plan? I mean, other than the one that says there will be peace when all the Jews are dead and Israel is history.

Lastly the charge of apartheid implies racism. A simple comparison of Jewish and Arab media, scholastic text books, songs and religious sermons makes clear who the racists are in this conflict and who truly wishes to oppress the other. In the final analysis, the doctrines of Islamic jihad and Arab and Muslim supremacy, not Jewish self-defense, have resulted in the status quo in the Middle East. Jimmy Carter knows this and denies it, or he doesn't understand this and that helps explain his failed presidency. Either way, his book will be aiding and abetting the world's worst anti-Semites.


The Only Minority the PC Crowd Won't Defend

Unless attacks on Jews come from white supremacists or Mel Gibson, the politically correct crowd sees no reason condemn anti-Semitism. After all, in the view of the PC police, Jews are mostly white and wealthy--both of which are very un-PC--and often those scapegoating or terrorizing the Jews are seen as neither (depite the backing of oil wealth, voting power at the UN, and the fact that Westerners often can't tell an Israeli from an Arab).

Julia Goren has more on this phenomenon at Jewish World Review.


New Blog: Why Jew Hear Me?

Why start a blog called Jew Hear Me?

Jewish people need to wake up to the attacks, verbal and physical, that Jews are facing around the world. If you're not a victim of violence at the present time, you need to understand, as Benjamin Netanyahu put it, that the first step toward violence against Jews always starts with the lies and demonization of the Jewish people. This creates the foundation upon which marginalization and then murders, pogroms and genocide can occur.

It is important to understand the nature of the lies being told about the Jewish people and the State of Israel. Be prepared to answer those malicious distortions. Do you think Palestinians would be so eager to blow themselves up in order to kill Jews, if they weren't taught lies about Jews in their classrooms, media and mosques? While it is beyond our ability to help Palestinians overcome the disease of anti-Semitism, we simply cannot afford to allow the same cancer to metastasize outside the Arab world.

The lies being told in the media and on college campuses demand a response from a confident, proud, knowledgeable and courageous Jewish community. It starts with false accusations against Israel, but anti-Zionism ultimately leads to anti-Semitism, and not as far down the road as you might think. Jews in the relative safety of the United States must not bury their heads in the sand. Trouble will find the hidden Jew, the convert to Christianity, the anti-Israel leftist and the secular humanist just as it will the keepah-wearing, Shabbat-observing Jew. As many a Palestinian leader has said, "we don't distinguish between Labor and Likud. A Jew is a Jew and we don't have any use for them."

A people can't effectively defend itself if it is unaware of the justice of its own cause. The more I've studied the history of Israel and the Jewish people, especially since September 11, 2001, the more I've come to understand this. Israel and the Jewish people have been victims, and yet to many people around the world, the Jews and Israelis are the world's top villains and worst victimizers. To a large extent, through our own indifference and ignorance, we have allowed our enemies to define us. Too many Jews are committed to every fashionable cause, but can't find time for the their own self-interest. We are not a powerful enough people, despite Israel's military and wonderful allies among the American people and within the US Congress (none of which was enough to crush Hezbollah and remove a mortal enemy from Israel’s northern border), that we can allow the lies to distort the view of Israel and the Jewish people in the eyes of those who don't know any better.

Israel is engaged in a constant battle for legitimacy against the Islamists, Arab Nationalists, UN internationalists and leftist churches, political activists and academics. The average person doesn't have a dog in the fight. If they are only hearing one side of the story because Jews either don't care or aren't able to defend themselves, then the other side wins out and its view becomes the mainstream view. It often amazes me that a people that has produced so many talented lawyers, journalists, writers and Nobel Prize winners, can’t seem to develop people with the ability to tell the story of Israel and the Jews in a simple, concise, factually accurate, emotionally relevant, unambiguous and unapologetic fashion.

I hope this website can help change these negative trends in some small way. By placing factual information, incisive quotes and relevant articles here, my aim is to help provide people with the tools needed to make the case for Israel and the Jewish people. I am not here to engage in spin or fight lies with more lies. The facts are on our side. Too often, we are unaware of them. Certainly we can’t rely on the media alone to inform us.

I invite anyone who cares about Israel and the Jewish people, whether Jew or non-Jew; left, center or right; religious or secular, to participate by leaving comments, posting or emailing news stories and alerting readers about issues and events related to this cause.

Thank you for stopping by this site and please return often. By acting, we will ensure our future, and a better future for the whole world.


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